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Painting interior granite wall

I am currently renovating a granite wall cottage in s Newlyn and would like to paint one of the interior walls white but am conscious of ensuring it is breathable. I’ve read about the SD value on your website and seen the paints available but would you recommend one in particular for an interior granite wall? Thanks in advance

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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Natasha

    It depends on what the condition of the wall is and if there are any coatings or paints already present. If you have modern coatings already in place such as cement, gypsum or modern paints the wall will be unable to breath, so a breathable paint wont offer much. If the wall is free from any existing coatings you would need to check that the mortar/pointing is lime based and clean down the surface so it is ready to take paint. From there any of our paints would be suitable to use as they all have very low sd values. The paint range we would recommend is the Beeck Mineral Paints, these offer the lowest sd values and the highest durability and scrub resistance. They have 3 internal paints which are suitable and these are graded by their durability - Beeck Insil offers reasonable durability so would be fine in most internal rooms (bedrooms, living rooms etc.), Beeck Maxil offers an improved durability and coverage compared to Insil and should be suitable for all internal rooms and then Beeck Sensil, which offers the highest durability and is designed for higher traffic areas (such as kitchens and bathrooms).

    There are various primers which are used first and these are dependent on the surface you are applying the paint too, for example a bare granite wall with lime pointing you could use Beeck Fixative to stabilise and prime the wall.

    If you would like to know more about the paints and discuss your specific application and requirements please contact our office on 01208 79779.

    Kind Regards



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