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Painting of exterior hydraulic lime with silicate paint system

Hello there,
I hope you can give me some advice.
How long after new hydraulic exterior lime render has been applied to brickwork can it be overpainted? The render was applied on 7/10/17 to the upper front exterior of a mock Tudor semi, in between the wooden beams.
I would look to use silicate paint – such as Earthborn Ecopro, or Keim mineral paint.
How can you tell when hydraulic lime render is ready to be painted?
As the weather is now closing in and the paint has to be applied in temperatures above +8 Degrees C, if it doesn’t get painted until next spring, will it deteriorate or what is likely to happen.
Thanks in advance.

One thought on “Painting of exterior hydraulic lime with silicate paint system”

  • Adam Brown

    Good Morning

    It is difficult to say as the drying time will be dependant on variables, such as depth of render, strength of NHL, weather conditions etc.

    For our Beeck Mineral Paints we advise 2 days per mm of render thickness as a drying time on NHL renders. This may be different for other types of mineral paints, as the Beeck range has a stronger chemical bond compared to the other market alternatives.

    Mineral Paints work through a process of silicification (bond between paint and render - silica to silica). There are two forms of silicification - 1) Active Silicification: 100% bond between paint and render, an active mineral paint cannot be removed by paint strippers. 2) Passive Silicification: a partial bond between paint and render, a passive paint can eventually be removed.
    Beeck are the only manufacturer of Active Mineral Paints, which is referred to as Active Silica Formulation (A.S.F).

    I would say that its probably best to leave the painting until next year. It is always easier to paint in dryer conditions and lime renders can be prone to minor movement in their early life, given longer to dry any cracking can present itself and then be rectified prior or during the painting process, rather than revealing itself once paint has been applied.

    The render should be fine left over the winter, we cannot guarantee this again due to the variables but it shouldn't be affected by being left exposed. It is quite common to leave renders exposed for this time period and then decorate during the spring/summer.

    If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Mineral Paints etc. please contact us.

    Kind Regards



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