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Painting an exposed brick wall in a kitchen

We are planning to have a solid, exposed brick wall in our Victorian terrace behind the sink and hob in our kitchen which we'd like to paint white. I'm aware of the importance of allowing the brick to breathe, especially in a high moisture area such as a kitchen but we're wondering if painting bricks with breathable paint will stand up to a regular clean to remove food splashes and grease, especially behind the hob. Also whether water splashes behind the sink will affect the paint? Sealing the paint would defeat the object so wonder what you advise, unless we only sealed behind these two areas?
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  • Adam Brown

    Good Morning

    In terms of a suitable vapour permeable paint, we would recommend using Beeck Sensil. Sensil is fully breathable but also has a scrub class rating of 1, which means that it can be regularly cleaned without causing any damage to the finish. Sensil has been designed for commercial applications where it would be subject to heavy cleaning, such as hospitals and schools, it is also resistant to cleaning agents.

    The standard application is usually -

    Clean down the wall.
    Check for any signs of salts/efflorescence, older brick can contain salts which can cause disruption to the brick/mortar/paint, if salts are present please contact us.
    Apply 1 primer coat of Beeck Fixative, this will stabalise the wall and stop the paint from being pulled in too quickly.
    Apply base coat of Beeck Sensil, thinned with 5% Fixative.
    Apply a neat top coat of Beeck Sensil.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail please give us a call on 01208 79779.


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