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Paint removal and breathable paint

Hi, I wonder if you can help. I own a part timber frame part brick house. The timber framed part is c.400 years old and the brick extensions are c. 200 years old. The house has been treated badly in the past and along with a lot of cement pointing has also had at least a couple of coats of masonry paint over what I think is a limewash. I want to remove the paint before repainting with breathable paint. Can you suggest a method which will not damage the bricks and timber? Also, which breathable paint would you recommend?

Many thanks in advance


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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Leonie

    We have put together an information piece on the various methods of paint removal -

    Given that you are working with different substrates i would lean towards the chemical removal options, as these pose no danger to the underlying substrate, whereas some of the other options can be more aggressive and could cause potential damage.

    We stock a range called Scheidel and there are two paint strippers that will work - SG94 and Asur. The biggest difficulty is both will work, but usually one has better results. Unfortunately we cant say which one unless we know the exact paint on the building, we recommend that trial samples are undertaken with both to check for suitability.

    Once the paint has been removed a product called Powerfluid is applied to neutralise the surface.

    In terms of suitable paints, for the brickwork we would recommend using the Beeck Renosil system. For the woodwork Beeck also do a range of wood paints, however this will depend on how much paint you can remove from the timber, another option may be more suitable and this can be assessed once the paint has been removed.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss the procedures/systems in more detail please contact us on 01208 79779.

    Kind Regards

    Adam Brown


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