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Paint cracking and peeling off interior walls

The house is 400 yrs old with very thick stone walls. Some walls have been covered in plaster and painted, and in some areas this paint has cracked and is peeling. The house is very exposed and in the last few years there has been much flooding in the area, though the house did not flood. The cracking and peeling has mainly occurred around a bathroom window and above radiators. There is also some black staining appearing in corners of outside walls. We are hoping to decorated and will need something that breathes and is hardwearing. We appreciate any suggestions you may have.

One thought on “Paint cracking and peeling off interior walls”

  • Adam Brown

    Good Morning

    From what you have explained above its sounds like you have built up moisture within the walls, this is leading to an increase of hydraulic pressure and forcing the paint from the walls.

    For a breathable and hard wearing paint we would recommend the Beeck Internal Mineral Paint range and in particular either the Beeck Maxil or Beeck Sensil, these have excellent vapour permeability and scrub resistances.

    It is worth noting that paint alone may not address the issues, as the paint is only as good as the surface that it is applied too. If you have a render/plaster that is not breathable you will still likely have issues here, as the moisture will be unable to fully escape.

    If you wanted to discuss this in more detail and run through the suitable products in more detail please give me a call on 01208 79779.

    Kind Regards



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