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Paint over brick and flint internal wall

We recently moved into a barn conversion which has one internal wall made of brick and flint. This is really dark and I wondered if we could apply a white "wash" or something similar to lighten it up? I would appreciate any advice.

One thought on “Paint over brick and flint internal wall”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Karen

    Providing the wall is bare and free from any coatings a lime wash could be used, alternatively you could use the St. Astier Lime Paint or the Beeck Mineral Paint.

    In terms of cost the limewash would be the most inexpensive, however would require numerous coats (5 plus usually) and would likely need regular maintenance. Limewash is built up through thin layers and can have the tendency to dust/come loose when brushed against or subjected to abrasion.

    The lime paint is still effectively a limewash in terms of thickness (thin layers) but usually requires less coats (3 to 5 usually) and offers an improved resistance compared to the standard limewash.

    The mineral paint is initially a more expensive option in terms of purchase, however it is by far the most durable option available. As the mineral paint works by chemically binding to the substrate it will comfortably outlast a lime based paint, whilst retaining full breathability.

    If you have any questions please contact us on 01208 79779.

    Kind Regards

    Adam Brown


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