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  • Brick pointing

    Pointing old brickwork right mix for putty lime...

  • Masterclass with Jeff

    Hi I am interested in attending the masterclass in lime plastering with Jeff Orton you have on the website. Can you give me information on when these courses run?...

  • Concrete blocks 440x 215x100

    Please could we have a quote for approx 5000 blocks, plus sand and cement, we are in the Falmouth area . Many thanks...

  • Lime Vs Masonry Paint

    How can I tell the difference between Lime and ordinary masonry paint once it has been applied to external walls?...

  • Protecting brick surface from water and frost damage

    I live in Norfolk and have an old barn near the coast (about 500 meters: I only mention this as salt mist may be relevant to the discussion). The barn is built with quite soft Norfolk brick and lime mortar......

  • Painting lime plaster internally

    We have a house with lime plaster internally and a Dulux vinyl Matt undercoat has been put on. Dulux have said it is breathable with an SD of < 0.03. Should this be acceptable or is it impossible to have......

  • Applying Beeck onto Thoroseal?

    I have cement block basement walls to which Thoroseal, a cement based product has beenĀ applied. Continue reading ...

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