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Cornish Lime believes we have a duty of care to help protect our built heritage and to share our knowledge and experience with our customers, whether they be trade, professionals or members of the public.

This forum is a place to help others, provide opinions and to ask questions. Please don't be afraid to get involved. Please bear in mind that while we will try to give helpful advice to anyone, each application is different and everyone has different methods.

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Please join in the discussion and help other out by adding your thoughts and experiences to any of the existing questions below.


  • Brick pointing

    Pointing old brickwork right mix for putty lime...

  • Masterclass with Jeff

    Hi I am interested in attending the masterclass in lime plastering with Jeff Orton you have on the website. Can you give me information on when these courses run?...

  • Concrete blocks 440x 215x100

    Please could we have a quote for approx 5000 blocks, plus sand and cement, we are in the Falmouth area . Many thanks...

  • Lime Vs Masonry Paint

    How can I tell the difference between Lime and ordinary masonry paint once it has been applied to external walls?...

  • Protecting brick surface from water and frost damage

    I live in Norfolk and have an old barn near the coast (about 500 meters: I only mention this as salt mist may be relevant to the discussion). The barn is built with quite soft Norfolk brick and lime mortar......

  • Painting lime plaster internally

    We have a house with lime plaster internally and a Dulux vinyl Matt undercoat has been put on. Dulux have said it is breathable with an SD of < 0.03. Should this be acceptable or is it impossible to have......

  • Applying Beeck onto Thoroseal?

    I have cement block basement walls to which Thoroseal, a cement based product has beenĀ applied. Continue reading ...

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