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Looking for a paint for an exterior lime plastered wall

I want to apply a finish coat on a limeplaster (exterior wall). I am looking for a recipe for a limepaint. I was thinking about rockdust with lime and maybe some fine sand. How do I prevent dusting of the coat? Do you have experience with Sodium silicate in outside paints? I hope you have some suggestions, I would really like to color and protect the limeplaster! Thank you, Sarga

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  • Adam Brown

    Good Afternoon

    There are several ways to achieve a finish or a paint coating using lime, however the key question we have to ask - what is the level of protection required? Is the application in an area that is exposed to weather? Or heavy traffic? The level of protection or the need to protect against certain circumstances/conditions will influence the paint.

    Unfortunately we are unable to supply you with recipes as these are commercially sensitive to us, although we are more than happy to try and assist you in selecting a suitable product to use.

    Kind Regards

    Adam Brown


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