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Lime wash

Hi just wondering if you have experience in this are, I have plasterboard walls and ceilings that butt up to rendered walls that I have lime washed
But the White plaster lines show through primer and five coats of lime wash. Not because they are raised but because they are different colour perhaps, as there is no visible ridges Etc the lines become whiter with every coat
Appreciate your help
Cheers Jilliana

One thought on “Lime wash”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Jilliana

    When you say plaster lines do you mean where the plasterboard meets the render?

    Also what are you using as a primer and limewash?

    There could be a number of reasons for this. But my initial comments would be that limewash is not really designed for plasterboard. Limewash needs to soak into the surface and undertake carbonation to form a set, plasterboard will usually not allow this to happen and can result in a very unstable finish, that is prone to coming loose. There is also likely to be a significant colour difference between the render and the plasterboard, so several coats will be required to mask this. There is no set number to the amount of coats required, we have seen applications that have worked with 3 coats through to historic applications that have in excess of 40 coats.

    It is also possible that there is differential movement where the render and plasterboard meets. As the materials will have a different thermal expansion (lime render being flexible and plasterboard being stiff and rigid), this can result in cracking taking place where the two meet, which could explain why after painting a line becomes visible.


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