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Internal fireplace wall

We want to plaster a fireplace wall, where a log burner is used. It is constructed of cob wall at the back and breeze block at the front, what would you recommend using for the base coat and top coat? We don't need a totally smooth finish as the rest of the room is rough plaster. Thanks

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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Gemma

    For ease of use you could use the ready mix lime putty mortars.

    As a backing coat we would recommend CLM28, which is made with a coarse washed sand, and can be applied to a maximum thickness of 15mm.

    As a top coat/finish you could use either CLM35, which is made with a 2mm down clean sand and can be applied to a depth of around 5mm, this can be sponge finished and will give a smooth/sand finish. Or alternatively you could use CLM66, which is made with a 0.6mm sand and can be applied to a maximum depth of 3mm, this can be finished with a trowel and would be a skim/fine plaster finish.
    It is also possible to use the CLM28 as a finish coat if you want a rougher finish.

    Any questions please contact us on 01208 79779.

    Kind Regards



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