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Internal cob walls

Posted By: Antony

We live in a house with an original cob section that was extended with rendered block work extensions during the 1980s and 1990s. As a result, the external face of the front if the building is a cob wall and the former cob external walls are now internal walls.

Before the extensions were added, the house had been rendered with a cement based render and the internal faces of the walls had been plastered with gypsum or cement plaster.

We had the external render on the front of the house removed and replaced with lime render.

My question is: is it necessary for us to remove the existing plaster from the internal faces of the cob walls and replace it with lime plaster or can internal cob walls reasonably be left covered with cement or gypsum plaster surfacing?

One thought on “Internal cob walls”

  • Adam Brown

    Good Morning

    This is a good question and one I am asked regularly, in terms of performance and moisture management the short answer would be yes, however in reality it is not always done, at least not straightaway. You have rendered the external face with lime and this is always the area we would recommend you tackle first, as this is where the majority of water/moisture can enter the wall and also escape.

    The existing plaster can cause problems by holding moisture within the wall and the material (cement, gypsum etc.) is too hard for the cob and can cause further problems, however removing this material can also cause issues so if you are removing this you would have to take care not to damage the cob. In a lot of cases removing the plaster can pull away the face or sections of cob so you may need to make allowances to repair/replace sections. As i mentioned above the technical answer would be to remove the plaster and re-plaster with lime but this can be a large undertaking. It is highly likely that the current plaster will be subject to issues with moisture at some point, but a lot of people will wait until the issues arise and then look to undertake the work. If you wanted to give me a call on 01208 79779 I can discuss this in much more detail.

    Kind Regards

    Adam Brown.


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