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Interior painting of stone mullions?

Hi, This is a bit of a vague question but looking for a bit of advice. Our house built in about 1983 has stone mullion window surrounds. We purchased the house in 2012 and all was decorated. Some of the mullions do cause problems internally with bubbling, cracking, white powdery looking areas (and in the winter they are running with water). We are about to rub down and redecorate in a couple of rooms and I came across your website when checking out breathable paints. I think it was ordinary masonry paint used before but I was wondering if there was a better product. Most masonry paint seems to be for exterior use rather than interior? Perhaps they just need redoing every couple of years anyway?

One thought on “Interior painting of stone mullions?”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Jill

    From what you have said it would appear that moisture/water is entering through the mullion and being held within the structure. As this moisture is built up behind the paint film, hydraulic pressure eventually builds up to a point where it can break down the paint coating.

    A breathable paint may improve/alleviate this issue by allowing the excess moisture a means of escape.

    However the existing paint would need to be removed from the stone. If you would like to give me a call on 01208 79779 i can run through the options in more detail and hopefully offer a solution to this issue.


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