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Grainy lime putty

Hi all, can anyone advise on lime putty please? I've used it for years and always found it gets creamier with age. However, I bought a batch of 6 tubs recently and have found that 2 of these are dryish, crumble and very grainy with only a small amount of lime water on top. They eventually mix to a creamyish consistency but I'm concerned about using them (repointing a brick gable wall) only to find the mortar isn't as good/strong as it should be. I've not seen it go like this before, but has anyone else, and if so, do you know if it's OK to use? The lady on the phone from the company I bought from said it'd be fine but I'm not so sure. Many thanks :)

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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Helen

    Without seeing the actual putty or knowing were it was sourced from it is difficult to give you a direct answer. However, it sounds like there is not enough water in the tub which has caused the top layer to dry out. If the lumps/grains are solid and cannot be broken we would advise that it is not used, but if the lumps/grains break down under mixing it should be fine to use.


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