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Delivery to France

we have an old house (1640) are looking for paint for internal walls which we understand have been lime rendered and also walls which are modern plaster board. We thought that the Beeck range would be good for these. 2 questions - 1 - would the Beeck range be the recommended paint and 2 - do you deliver to France?

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  • Adam Brown

    Good Morning

    The Beeck range would certainly work for your application and we have 2 primers and 3 paints for internal applications.

    For the lime plaster areas you would need to use Beeck Fixative to prime and stabilise the wall. For the gypsum/modern plastered areas you would require a coat of Beeck Gypsum Primer.

    Any of the Beeck internal paints can then be applied to the primed walls. The paints are all vapour permeable and they are ranked by their performance and scrub resistance, with the Insil having the lowest scrub resistance through to Sensil offering the highest.

    I would personally go for the Maxil - this offers a good scrub resistance and high quality finish for dwellings. The Sensil would be perfectly suitable, however the high scrub resistance is more designed for commercial applications. Also when using Maxil (and Sensil) you should only require 1 coat over the Gypsum Primer and then 2 coats over the lime. Beeck Insil is again fine to use, however you would need to apply 2 coats over both the lime and gypsum, so whilst it starts as a slightl;y cheaper option, it can be more expensive when you have mixed backgrounds.

    We can send paint to France and have done previously, the cost of delivery may be quite high and we would have to quote a price based on the weight of products you require.

    If you have any questions or would like me to work out how much paint you require and costs please email me -

    I can also send more information on the internal paints.

    Kind Regards



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