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Damp walls

Our 200 year old brick built cottage has a damp problem in the bedroom. It has had damp patches for 20 years to our knowledge. Having stripped off the current paper there is a combination of lime plaster and modern gypsum plaster where repairs have been made in more recent times. The damp is mainly in areas where the two plasters meet and the gypsum is damp yo the touch in spite of being at least 20 years old. Will we need to remove all the gypsum plaster and replaster with lime? Many thanks.

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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Jean

    I would advise that the gypsum is removed, especially if it has become wet. Gypsum plasters tend to fail when they are wet. I would recommend removing the gypsum and reapplying a lime plaster. You may find that this removal causes some deterioration to the existing lime plaster but this can be addressed when the new lime is applied.

    Depending on the damage that the damp has caused you may find that it is an easier option to remove all of the plaster and start from fresh. We would advise that this is best avoided but it is difficult to know until you start the removal.

    If you have any questions or need further advise please contact me.

    Kind Regards



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