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Cornerstone Drymix NHL 3.5 CLD45 Mortar 1:3 mix

Is this product suitable for re-pointing interior granite walls which will then be lime washed? I don't want the pointing to look too coarse as it will be visible.

One thought on “Cornerstone Drymix NHL 3.5 CLD45 Mortar 1:3 mix”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Helen

    Unfortunately we are not currently producing this product anymore, however we do have another fine mortar - CLD35 NHL 3.5 1:3, which we have in stock.

    This would be suitable for use internally. We do always try and recommend using a coarser mortar for pointing as the aggregate helps to fill the joints more and can offer slightly better vapour permeability. A fine mortar is still suitable, you just may need to use slightly more than if you were using a coarse mix.


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