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Can limewash be applied to concrete based render?

We have a rendered stone cottage built early 1800's approx 1 mile from coast in west Somerset. Our cottage is in bad need of painting as it has been neglected by previous owners. Can we use lime based washes and what advice would you give to prepare and apply?

One thought on “Can limewash be applied to concrete based render?”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Pete

    It will be entirely dependant on the background and if existing coating are in place. Lime based paints require an absorbent background so they can soak into the substrate, they are then built up over numerous layers to provide colour and protection. If existing paint, such as modern masonry paint, is present a lime based paint will be unable to bind to the substrate and likely wash off very quickly. As lime based paints are built up over several layers they are generally very thin coats, this can lead to reduced/poor longevity when used externally in exposed environments, especially near the coast.

    An alternative option could be to use a mineral based paint, they are several available types and the correct paint will be determined by the existing surface (render type, condition, existing paint etc.), but a mineral paint will chemically bond to the substrate, offering unsurpassed durability even in the most testing conditions. Whilst initially more expensive than lime based paints, they offer a long term saving as they do not require constant re coating like a lime based paint.

    If you have a bare render you could use the Beeckosil system, or if existing paint is present you could use the Renosil system.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail please contact me.

    With Kind Regards



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