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Breathable Paint

I have an old basement floor slab that is subject to seasonal moisture coming up from the ground below. I would like to paint the concrete but am concerned about trapping moisture that is being forced through the slab by hydrostatic pressure. Is there a paint product you have that would adhere to the concrete, stand up to light foot traffic, and still allow any moisture to pass through it to the floor surface? I use a dehumidifier to address excess basement humidity. Thank you

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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Myles

    Unfortunately none of our paints are recommended for use on floors. Whilst they will chemically bind to the surface, this bond can break down under foot traffic. Usually floor paints are quite chemically laden and non breathable, its not an area that we deal with a huge amount so i am not even sure the best place to start. Whilst its not paint, it may be more beneficial to use some form of permeable tile/such as paving slabs bedded and pointed with a lime mortar to ensure excess moisture can escape.

    Kind Regards

    Adam Brown.


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