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Breathable paint over earthen plaster earthbag building

We live in Northern Arizona (30 miles south of the Grand Canyon). We will be building a small earthbag building and want to render exterior walls with earthen plaster (sand and clay with straw fibers). Because we can experience monsoon rains in the summer and snow in the winter, we believe a breathable paint is what we need. I have been told we cannot lime plaster over earthen plaster for water resistance and finding your website online leads me to believe breathable paint is our answer. I just want to be sure it will adhere properly to cured earthen plaster. Also, I would like info where to purchase. Thank you for your help.

One thought on “Breathable paint over earthen plaster earthbag building”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Margo

    If i am completely honest i am not exactly sure the answer to this question.

    Internally a lime wash, or a natural paint such as the Earthborn or Aglaia range would work onto the earth plaster and has been used extensively on this type of application.

    It is the external that i am struggling with - whilst we do have earth buildings in the UK and earth plasters have been used externally they tend not to last in an external environment. There is usually a large overhang on the roof and some form of cladding/rain screen over the earth for additional protection from the elements on this type of construction. Again this could be limewashed, but the Earthborn and the Aglaia paints are only suitable for internal use and the Beeck Mineral paints will be unable to bind to the earth plaster.

    Unfortunately i do not know of any suppliers in your area and whilst we can ship the materials it would likely be very expensive.

    Kind Regards



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