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1920's semi detached

Free end of house suffers from water damage and internally black mould growth

externally there are large areas of flaking paint

will we need to remove all of existing masonry paint to treat with lime paint to allow free flow of moisture ?

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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Sharon

    There is not necessarily a straightforward or easy answer to the problems you are experiencing, you will likely find that the problems have a number of contributing factors.

    The first area/place we would recommend to start is the external substrate, if a modern masonry paint has been applied this will need to be removed as it is likely holding moisture within the wall. You would then need to check the underlying building fabric (render/stone etc.) if this has been pointed or rendered in a modern material such as cement, this will also be holding moisture within the wall and will need to be addressed with a more lime mortar. Once the surface is 'breathable' a lime or mineral based paint can be applied to allow any moisture to escape, the paint is only as good as the surface it is applied too, so if put onto a non breathable surface it will not be able to allow moisture to escape. Externally there may be other factors, such as inappropriate rainwater goods, high ground levels and impermeable ground coverings that could be forcing excess water into the building and it would be worth investigating if anything like this is present.

    It may be a case that tackling the outside addresses the problems, but you may also need to look at the internal face of the wall. If this is covered in modern materials such as gypsum, cement and emulsions this will also be holding moisture within the wall and can lead to damp, mould or internal damage. In the perfect scenario you would have both sides of the wall vapour open (lime and suitable paint) to allow moisture the free passage through the wall and not trapping it, then through the application of suitable paints you can significantly reduce the water ingress, allowing the wall to dry and hopefully stopping any issues you are experiencing.

    It is difficult to advise exactly on the best procedures as every building is unique, however if you would like to run through the available options and discuss what could be done please give us a call on 01208 79779.

    Kind Regards

    Adam Brown.


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