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Using the wrong decorating product for your property can not only damage the building but also the environment and your health. Damp is a common problem in older buildings and if water is held captive within the wall over a period of time it may push and blister the paint off or cause serious deterioration of the building fabric.

The term 'breathable' means the ability of a material to allow free movement of water vapour through its structure. We offer a full range of breathable decorating products suitable for old and new buildings which allow the water within the walls to evaporate out.
See the Breathable Paint page.

Limewash is one of the most traditional of decorating materials and still widely used today to protect older and historic buildings. It can be coloured with pigments and additives can be used with the limewash to improve its performance in terms of durability.

Lime Paints from St. Astier are available in a wide selection of colours. These powder paints contain a small amount of acrylic to aid the durability of the paint but they remain totally breathable and suitable for both internal and external decoration.

Beeck Mineral Silicate paints effectively soak into the background and bond to it forming a strong chemical bond to the silica sand in the stone or render. Acting as a dye as opposed to being a film forming paint they have excellent durability, are lightfast, environmentally friendly and available in over 300 colours. Beeck offer a range of products suitable for external or internal applications including products for mixed backgrounds where there may be both lime and cement render.

Aglaia Natural Paints are manufactured from plant extracts making them totally environmentally friendly. Aglaia offer a full range of coloured emulsions for internal walls which we mix to order. Also available are internal and external wood glazes and lacquers, undercoats, primers and wood and metal protection.

We are stockists for Earthborn claypaints and emulsions. If you need further advice or information please Contact Us and we can post or email data sheets and literature to you.

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