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Beeckosil External Mineral Paint - Breathable, Durable and Water Repellent

Beeckosil Silicification-active, water-repellent pure waterglass based mineral paint

Ranges and Application of Beeckosil Silicate Mineral Paint

Ready-to-use waterglass paint for mineral facades, especially for recoatable lime and lime based cement plasters, porous natural stone, lime sandstone and brick, see Surface and Pretreatment. Extremely silicifi- cation-active and of classical mineral nature. Non-film forming. Available in more than 300 non-fading mineral color tones.

Processing and Applying Beeckosil

Carefully stir up BEECKOSIL before use. For use as a base coat, thin BEECKOSIL with 10 to 20% 'BEECK FIXATIVE'. Top coat no sooner than 12 hours later, thinned with max. 5% 'BEECK FIXATIVE'. Apply crosswise sparingly, evenly and lap-free with a soft mineral paint brush, a lambskin roller or by spray gun. Treat adjacent surfaces all at once. Avoid dry seams. In case of high surface saturation, thin the top coat with about 5% water instead of using FIXATIVE for diluting. Use on prepared surface only, e.g. etched and pre-fixated new plaster, see Surface and Pretreatment. Minimum temperature: +50C air and surface during processing and drying.
Do not use on heated surfaces.

Technical Features

Unlike organically bound coatings, such as synthetic dispersion or silicone resin emulsion paints, BEECKOSIL does not set physically by „bonding“, but through silici- fication – the chemical reaction between mineral surface, filler and potash waterglass. Not only for ecological and economical reasons but also from a building physics and durability point of view film forming coating systems should be avoided on mineral surfaces. Already after a few coating intervals the excess thickness of organic material will exceed the bearing capacity of the substrate, thus resulting in cracks, flaking and wearing of the plaster. Reconstruction will envolve high costs and large quantities of hazardous waste from stripping or blasting to be disposed of. But not so with the use of non-film forming silicate coatings: Excellent durability due to natural weathering starting at the surface, to be identified through weak cha king, in combination with a most effective self-cleaning effect. Since they can be recoated almost unlimitedly, silicate paints are the best choice from both an economical and ecological point of view. No surface film is being formed. Instead, a microporous unity of surface and coating is created that is highly silicification active. Therefore, BEECKOSIL easily passes the BEECK stripping test proving that it meets the highest weather resistance and durability requirements. The result is an outstanding service life, even on severely weathered facades, as well as ideal building physics properties.

Water absorption and water-vapor diffusion characteristics

w24-value <0.08 kg/(m2h1/2)
sd-value (H2O): < 0.02 m

Physical/Technical Characteristics:

Density: 1.5 g/cm3
pH value: 11
Dynam. viscosity: 3,500 mPas
DIN 4102: non-flammable / A2

BEECKOSIL is water-repellent, especially colorfast, economic in use, also due to its durability.
The cloth-matt mineral look will increase the value of any real estate also under aesthetic aspects. Natural biocidal effect through alkalinity. Non-flammable according to DIN 4102/A 2

Colour Tone:

Available in more than 300 absolutley non-fading mineral color tones acc. to 'BEECK COLORSIL' and 'BEECK ANTIQUE' Color Charts. Color tone categories I-IV. Base colors: white, white antique. Can be toned in any ratio with 'BEECK FULL COLOR SILICATE PAINTS'.


Recoatable at the earliest after 12 hours. Protect fresh coatings from rain, e.g. using scaffold tarpaulin


On smooth, normally absorbent surfaces: approx. 0.12 l BEECKOSIL and approx. 0.02 kg 'BEECK FIXATIVE' per coat and m2.

Available Sizes: 12.5 litres


Clean appliances, tools and clothes with water immediately after use.


Lasts at least 12 months when stored cool and free of frost.


One-component silicate system according to DIN 18 363 / 2.4.1. Binder: potash waterglass, recovered from water, quartz sand and potash. Silicification-active fillers. Pigmented exclusively with non-fading, alkali-resistant mineral pigments. Free of solvents and biocides. Low organic content with only approx. 3.5 % artificial resin as a stabilizing additive, not as a binder!

Surface and Pretreatment:

General Requirements: The surface must be clean, dry, solid, coatable and free of efflorescing salts. Suitable for porous, absorbent to water-repellent mineral surfaces. Check new plasters for dryness and stability. Carefully touch up open spaces and flaws to match style and structure. Coat repaired surfaces with 'BEECK QUARTZ FILLER' (see auxiliary products).

Suitable surfaces:

  • Lime plaster (PIc), Lime based cement plaster (PII), Cement plaster (PIII): Use 'BEECK ETCHING FLUID' for removing sinterskin from new plasters and for cleaning old plasters. Thin 'BEECK ETCHING FLUID' with 3 to 5 parts water, apply by brush and after a few minutes carefully rinse with plenty of water. Absorbent plasters must be prefixated with 'BEECK FIXATIVE' thinned with 2 parts water. Superficially crumbly or sanding, but recoatable plasters should be solidified by flow coating several times to saturation.
  • Natural stone, brick: Clean with high pressure and check for recoatability, absorbency and efflorescences (e.g. salt marks). Repair crumbly stones and joints. Prefixate or flow coat weakly efflorescing surfaces with 'BEECK SILANE PRIMER N' to saturation.
  • Lime sandstone, Aerated concrete: Check and clean, then flow coat with 'BEECK SILANE PRIMER' (indoors with 'BEECK INSULATING PRIMER'). For aerated concrete use 'BEECK QUARTZ FILLER' as a base coat.
  • Chalking silicate and lime coatings: After high-pressure cleaning and brushing, solidify with 'BEECK FIXATIVE' thinned with 2 parts water. Strip or blast old artificial resin based coatings down to the pores. Further treatment, if any, with 'BEECK BONDING COAT' or 'BEECK QUARTZ FILLER'.

Deficient surfaces require a special preparation. Unsuitable are gypsum or clay based surfaces that hardly silicify or that have been treated to form film. The base e.g. of historical buildings exposed to salt should be renovated using a renovation plaster system acc. to WTA1 directive. Intermediate coating e.g. with 'BEECK QUARTZ FILLER'.
1WTA Scientific-Technical Assocation for Building Maintenance and Monument Preservation, non-profit organization.

Auxiliary products:

BEECK ETCHING FLUID for removal of sinterskin from new plasters and for cleaning old plasters. 'BEECK QUARTZ FILLER P' fiber-reinforced slurry powder additive for grain-enriched base and intermediate coat

Mix a 12.5 litre container BEECKOSIL with 4 kg 'BEECK QUARTZ FILLER P' and thin with approximately 2 to 4 kg 'BEECK FIXATIVE'. Apply evenly with a mineral paint brush.

'BEECK QUARTZ FILLER' silicate based, fiber-reinforce slurry base coat for covering hair cracks and minor structural deficiencies. Non-film forming and extremely long-lasting. Apply by brush.

A subsequent hydrophobic treatment with 'BEECK BS' Plus is recommended outdoors for aesthetic and economical reasons especially for high-quality building materials and in case of increased rain and dirt loads. Has proven to reduce the absorption of water and noxious substances long-term while maintaining the diffusion capacity [W•sd < 0.005 kg/(mh1/2)]. Through optimum building protection, including an excellent water-repellent effect, it keeps the coating attractive for a long time and significantly prolongs renovation interval while increasing the aesthetic and economical value of any real estate.

Saturating flow coating of new silicate coatings with 'BEECK BS PLUS' no sooner than after 7 to 10 days to allow for silicification to complete.

Safety Instructions and Disposal:

  • Hazard Class:
    not subject to identification requirements under Toxic Chemicals Ordinance/EC Directive. BEECKOSIL is alkaline. Protect skin and eyes from contact. Carefully cover all surfaces not to be treated, especially glass, ceramic and anodized surfaces. In case of accidental contact, immediately rinse with plenty of water. Keep out of the reach of unauthorized persons.
    Disposal of product remainders according to legal regulations. Disposal of empty containers through resource collection points.
  • Waste Code:
    Product and Product Remainders (European Waste Code): 080199 (Coatings).

This information is offered for guidance only for the use and application of Beeckosill.
For further detailed technical information, please refer to the Manufacturers Data Sheets, available on request from Cornish Lime.
Alternatively, contact Cornish Lime on 01208 78779 or use the Contact Us Form.

10 thoughts on “Beeckosil External Mineral Paint - Breathable, Durable and Water Repellent”

  • Cath

    Can you please send colour chart/prices etc for exterior paint
    Cath Pike
    70 North Rd
    BS6 5AJ

    • Justine Stephens
      Justine Stephens June 19, 2017 at 11:29 am

      Hi Cath, thanks for your enquiry. We offer two mineral paint systems for external use - Beeckosil for unpainted surfaces and Renosil for previously painted surfaces. Are you able to let us know the m2 that you want to cover and and also which paint you'd need and we can give you an indication of costs. There are 240 colours available that we mix to order - we can send a colour card with your quotation. Many thanks, Justine

  • Christopher Heighway
    Christopher Heighway October 11, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Could you please send me your Beeckosil Colour Chart. My cob cottage will be renovated next year and I am looking for a suitable external shade of terracotta silicate paint to apply to what will be newly-applied lime render.

    • Adam Brown

      Hi Christopher

      Is it possible to send over your postal address and i can arrange for a colour chart to be sent out to you.

      Kind Regards


  • Kerry Moody

    Hi. I would like to paint the outside of our pizza oven (which gets hot, so we would need high heat paint) and the walls behind the BBQ, black. The wall around the BBQ is pre painted white. Do you sale a suitable product.

    Thank you

  • Emily Gratton-Rayson
    Emily Gratton-Rayson May 15, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Hello I have just finished building a cob oven..... I need a suitable weatherproof lime paint is this something you could provide please and if yes could I get some pricing plrase
    Thank you so much

    • Adam Brown

      Hi Emily

      Is the oven rendered at all or left as exposed cob? If rendered what materials have been used for the render?

      As this will determine which paint is most suitable for your application.

      Kind Regards


  • Andrea


    I want to paint my pizza oven. I bought white paint here last time but I cant remember what it was. I would like to try a different colour this time. Thanks

    • Adam Brown

      Good Afternoon

      I have been through our records and found an invoice with the same surname for Feb 17. If this is your purchase, the paint used was Beeckosil -

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

      With Kind Regards



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